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Web Development & Social Media Marketing

We integrate reliable and commercially used open-source softwares to offer complex web solutions, everything from simple web presentations to complex enterprise websites.

Benefits of our WEB Solutions:
  • Content Management System (CMS) integration enables self maintaining and makes it much easier to create, edit and publish content on your web site by yourself. Furthermore is reduced time-to-publish, allowing you to get content published faster.
  • SEO-friendly CMS platform, because our web solutions feature a complex of elements that make optimising website for search engines easier and more efficient. Search engine algorithms constantly change and evolve.
  • Modern & intuitive design that makes sense. Well-structured, persuasive, ease to navigate and attractive modern websites using an appropriate mix of media will provide an enjoyable and valuable customer browsing experience. If a site is poorly designed or difficult to use visitors will simply leave.
  • Responsive Layout allows for optimal viewing of your website across all mobile devices using fluid grids, fluid images and media queries. Key tool, that we use is a 12-column responsive grid of front-end framework Bootstrap from Twitter developers.
  • Social Media marketing strategies that will help you effectively gain traffic and wide attention through social media networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other.
  • Quick development process using reliable out of the box solutions adds more value with fewer resources.
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GIS Services & Web Map Processing

Geomatics is the science and technology of gathering, analyzing, interpreting, distributing and using geographic information. Geomatics encompasses a broad range of disciplines that can be brought together to create a detailed but understandable picture of the physical world and our place in it. Unlike traditional cartography, GIS data sources are digital and can easily be updated, allowing GIS analysts to produce up-to-date maps using multiple data sets to customize the information for particular industries and audiences.

We provide services within these fields:
  • Spatial analysis and data management (e.g. geomorphometry analysis over any given georelief or accessibility, risk management)
  • Data modeling and visualisations via area cartograms or map diagrams (e.g. thematic mapping, charts..)
  • Development of custom GIS tools (e.g. Python scripting for ArcGis ToolBox)
  • Geospatial mapping and resolving cartographic issues (e.g. coordinate systems transformations, cartometry..)
  • Web Mapping, that means delivering custom client tailored maps on the web using open-source tools, e.g. OpenLayers.
Benefits of GIS solutions:
  • Cost savings resulting from greater efficiency, e.g. less drive time by optimizing routes
  • Better decision making , because GIS allows making the correct decision about a location, which is strategic to the success of an organization.
  • Improved communication, because GIS-based maps and visualizations greatly assist in understanding situations and story telling.
  • Better information recordkeeping, because GIS enables maintaining records about the status and change of geography.
Learn more about Key Technological Environments & Development Tools:
Grass / GeoServer / ArcGis / GeoMedia / Surfer / Idrisi / MapInfo / QuantumGis / Leaflet / OpenLayers / MapBox / TileMill
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Cadaster Consulting

There are number of legal, technical, and operational cadastral issues that must be resolved according to the needs and constraints of country's jurisdiction. We're here to help.

Our cadaster services include following fields:
  • Management of both the graphic and textual cadastral data bases
  • Recording of cadastral information
  • Cadastral surveying and mapping
  • Land valuation and land use planning
  • Help with resolving land disputes and general cadaster consulting
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SEGIS | Geospatial Engineering since 2012

SEGIS s.r.o. is an innovative GIS tech company headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia. SEGIS is fully specialized in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services, software products, and applications and committed to offering its clients a broad range of mapping and spatial analysis services using the latest technologies, informed expertise, and a desire to develop quality solutions to meet our client's business needs.

Our Mission at SEGIS is to be responsive to all our clients GIS needs. To fulfill this commitment, we have assembled a highly dedicated staff that are devotedly professional and have the skill-set and experience to demonstrate it. We believe the best ideas and relationships are built in a collaborative environment where all parties are encouraged to speak openly about project goals. We focus on communication with our clients from listening to their needs to keeping them up to date on our weekly progress - communication is a vital part of mutual success.

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  • info@segis.sk
  • (+421) 911-766-471
  • SEGIS s.r.o.
    Stanekova 9 (show on map)
    841 03 Bratislava
  • TIN: 46 607 528
    VAT ID: 20 235 001 49
    Register: Bratislava 1 District Court
    File no.: 80623/B
  • Service provider activities are submitted to The Slovak Trade Inspection's internal market surveillance and inspection STI Inspectorate with main offices in Bratislava representing the Bratislava Region, Prievozska 32, P.O. Box 5, 820 07 Bratislava 27.